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Elizabeth woke with her start as her alarm clattered through her dreams, shattering her sleep.  She groaned.  
"Just one more week then School will be over for good."  She muttered as she dragged herself out of bed and got dressed into her school uniform.  She hated school, well she hated exams and the pressure that was on her to do well by her Mom.
Her room was fairly plain for a teenager, a couple of shelves of books, her laptop on her desk, clothes strewn around the place, and a few music posters on the wall. Elizabeth stared into the mirror as she brushed her long blonde hair, hazel eyes stared back at her as she concentrated on pulling her hair into a neat ponytail.  She was a slim average sized 18 year old girl, although puberty had not been unkind and as a result her chest was more than ample.  She glared at her reflection as she heard her Mom yell from the bottom of the stairs.
"Elizabeth breakfast is going cold and you're going to be late for school!"  
An over the top sigh escaped Elizabeth and grabbing her school bag she left her room and headed downstairs.  In the kitchen her younger sister sat swinging her legs back and forth as she sat at the breakfast table shovelling down cereal.
"Yo squirt!" Elizabeth said causing the 9 year old girl at the table to shoot daggers at her sister.
"STOP calling me that!" She whined.  Elizabeth ignored her younger sister and sat down at the table pulling the orange juice jug towards her and pouring a generous glass full.
"But you are a squirt, I mean I swear you're growing down rather than up.  You'll shrink away if you're not careful"  She said happily.  Elizabeth didn't hate her younger sister but she was certainly jealous of her.  Ever since dad had left, her younger sister Jessica seemed to get away with everything and anything, whilst Mom came down like a tonne of bricks on Elizabeth.  Mom doted on Jessica.  It wasn't fair and Elizabeth had caught herself on more than one occasion wishing that she could trade places and be the younger sister, the one that was lavished with attention and love.  She was broken out of her little daydream by her Mom cuffing her lightly up the side of her head.
"Liz, stop being mean to your sister, you know she is sensitive about her height"  Jessica stuck her tongue out at Elizabeth and Elizabeth just simply raised an eyebrow, she wasn't immature enough to retaliate in front of her Mom but she'd wind Jess up a bit more later when she had more time.  Downing the orange juice she grabbed a couple of slices of toast and headed for the door.
"See you guys later, wish me luck in the exam"
Her mom waved, and Jessica returned to her cereal.  Elizabeth headed out and off to school.
She caught up with her two friends at the school gate, Aiden, not her boyfriend as such just a really fun bloke to hang around with, she loved him like a brother.  He had such a cheeky grin when he smiled and a sparkle in his blue eyes that suggested he was up to mischief. His blonde hair often fell into those eyes in a cascading waterfall of gold.  He looked more like a puppy than a boy of 18 half the time.  Sarah was almost the opposite of Aiden, dark short cropped hair sometimes tied into twin pigtails, Sarah was a bit of a goth, she loved black and poetry and had a quirky way of looking at life.  She was also heavily into that occult stuff, Elizabeth was always interested to hear what her two friends were going to bicker about today.  It often proved most entertaining.  
She walked up to the pair of them and positioned herself in the middle, throwing one of her arms over the shoulders of Aiden on the left and her other arm over Sarah's shoulders on the right.
"Well guys ready for the calculus exam?"  Elizabeth said with more confidence than she was feeling, truth be told she had left studying for the exam far too late and didn't really understand half of what she had studied.  She was actually seriously stressing about it.  She hated school with a passion, she wished she could go back to the simpler days where learning was actually fun.
"I'm smugly confident i'm going to flunk this one soo hard"  Aiden grinned, he didn't really mind all that much, he knew he should probably care more but he didn't.  Sarah punched him in the arm.  "This isn't a competition to see who is the worst, this is important"  She only received a shrug as an answer as the three of them headed for the exam hall.
Three hours later Elizabeth walked out of the hall feeling drained of energy and life.  That had been hell and she'd be lucky if she passed.  Her friends breezed out after her and the three of them decided that since it was the only exam they had to sit that day that they'd go for drink in the local cafe.
Sitting down with their drinks Elizabeth massaged her temples.
"Well that right royally sucked.  I swear I've never been so stressed in my life.  My Mom is going to have a fit if I don't pass these exams."  Aiden was looking concerned but Sarah was digging around in her bag looking like she had lost something.
"That reminds me I have something for you.  I made it last night.  A new recipe so to speak."  She said as she rummaged around in her ruby gloom bag.  Suddenly her hand clasped around something and her expression changed from frustration to elation.
"GOTTIT!  Here!"  She thrust the small bound package into Elizabeths arms.  Confused Elizabeth tugged the strings away and opened the box.  It was a strange little sack person with a big grin on its face and a heart stitched neatly over its chest.  Sarah leaned in, conspiratorial whispering excitedly.
"I found this site on-line last night, a Wicca one, and the main page had these happiness dolls and how to make them.  I thought you could do with one,  its all about positive thinking and concentrating on good things rather than bad,  you could do with a bit of cheering up and relaxing so I thought you could have the first one I made."
Sarah sounded so excited about her creation that Elizabeth picked it up out of the box and looked closer at it.  The face was kinda cute, the smile did actually make her feel happier.
"Thanks Saz, it must have taken a while to make."  Sarah nodded, happy her friend liked her hard work.  "Yah!  All night!  But you look like you need one.  Just keep it under your pillow or near your bed and it's supposed to bring you happiness. Its said that they feed from your dreams."
"Oooh like some emotional vampire sucking you dry while you sleep?"  Aiden laughed as he took another gulp of his coffee.  He didn't believe in all that mumbo jumbo crap but the two angry  looks he got from his friends made him stop grinning and he simply shrugged to dismiss the entire conversation.
The rest of the day was fairly mundane and Elizabeth finally got home around 5pm, her Mom was already making dinner and Jessica was no where to be seen.  Traipsing up to her room Elizabeth collapsed face first onto her bed, dropping her school bag by the bedside.  It had been an exhausting day and before she'd realised she fell asleep.
An hour later her Mom was banging on the door.
"Wake up sweetie, its dinner time."  Elizabeth sat bolt upright in bed, she had accidentally taken a nap, she hadn't realised how tired she had been, that exam must have taken a lot out of her.
It was then that she noticed her room was different, the music posters of local goth bands had been replaced by horse posters.  She recognised them from ages back when she had been going through a phase of wanting a horse.  Where had her Mom gotten these?  She thought she'd thrown them out years ago.  And the plushie horse she had slept with every night was now laying right beside her in the bed.  She looked at it for a moment, then was shocked to realise her senior school uniform was now replaced by the one she had worn in primary school.  She stood up quickly taking stock of herself.
"What the hell is going on?"  She spoke to her reflection as she surveyed herself.  She still had her 18 year old curves, she was still her normal height, but the whole room had been kiddified.  Where was her laptop?  Where were her study books?  Her book shelf was now full of babysitter club and point horrors that she had read when she was a kid.  Where had all the old plush toys come from and posters of pop groups she used to follow rather than the goth bands she followed now.  She couldn't go downstairs dressed in this stupid uniform, her Mom and Jess were bound to laugh at her, so she crossed the room and threw open her wardrobe, to find her current wardrobe of clothes had been replaced by mainly summer dresses.  She pulled a long yellow one from the hook and stared at it in disbelief.  She'd worn this to her cousins baptism about 8 or 9 years ago.  She dropped the dress to the floor and backed out of the room her heart hammering in her chest.  She edged her way down the stairs and into the kitchen, feeling foolish for what she was wearing.  She stopped in the doorway as colour drained from her face.
Her Mom turned round from cutting up Jessicas food on her plate.  Jessicas plate looked like a lions face her cutlery was that of a young kids.  more importantly Jessica was dressed in a pair of pink cute overalls with her hair up in bunches.  Jessica looked like she was dressed like a five year old.  But instead of the embarrassment or anger that should have been on her face, Jess was grinning from ear to ear.  Elizabeth didn't understand.  What was going on?  Her mom took a sideways glance at Elizabeth.
"Lizzy, if you're going to continue to stand in the doorway and gawp like a fish, your dinner is going to get even colder than it already is."
"Mom, don't call me Lizzy, I told you before im too old for that."
Her mum chuckled.  "Since when?  Why are you so grumpy today?"  Jessica piped in "Yeah grumpyhead!  Grumpyhead!" She giggled as she picked up some chips on her plate with her fingers and stuffed them into her mouth.  Her Mom slapped Jessica on the back of the hand, making her drop a chip back onto her plate
"And you young lady, I've told you use your cutlery, you're not a baby."  Jessica's smile was wiped from her face and she ate her dinner with her fork in subdued silence.
Elizabeth sat at the table feeling very strange.  Her Mom hadn't even mentioned her childish clothes.
"Mom...Do I look different to you?"
Her Mom stopped eating and placed her knife and fork gently together beside her plate.
"Sweetie, is there something wrong?  What's with the strange questions?  You're not acting like yourself at all"
Elizabeth concentrated on the vegetables on her plate, feeling herself blush, she felt silly for bringing the subject up but it really made no sense why she was wearing this children's school uniform and why her Mom hadn't commented.
"I just feel silly, that's all, I woke up wearing this uniform and I just don't understand how."
Her Mom looked concerned.
"Well you took a nap straight after coming in from school so that's why you're still in your uniform, what an odd child you're being today"
Elizabeth shot a glance at her Mom.
"Mom i'm not a kid i'm 18 years old. I shouldn't have posters of horses on my walls and toys in my room, where are all my study books and my laptop?"
Her Mom simply shrugged her shoulders.
"Elizabeth, I have no idea what has gotten into you but your room is in exactly the same state as you left it this morning.  Which incidentally is a mess so I want it tidied before you go to sleep.  So stop playing games and eat your dinner."
Her Mom spoke in that matter of fact way parents did to signify that a conversation was over, but Elizabeth hadn't recognised this.
"But Mom seriously something odd is going on."
Her mom's concerned expression swiftly changed to stern.
"Elizabeth Jane, seriously if you don't drop this ridiculous notion, you'll go to bed now!"
Jessica sniggered behind her hands.  "Yooo got in trubble."
Elizabeth couldnt understand, why couldn't her Mom see that this was not normal.
"Mom..."  She whined.  Her Mom slammed her hands down on the table, making Jessica and Elizabeth jump.
"Right Miss.  Upstairs now!  BED!"
"Hell no!  I'm not going to bed its only 7!"  
Her Mom was out of her seat and grabbed Elizabeth by the wrist.  Her grip was surprisingly strong and Elizabeth was dragged from her seat.  Her younger sister had hopped off her own seat and was now dancing from foot to foot singing loudly, "Lizzys getting a spankin' Lizzy's gettin a spankin'"  Elizabeth glared at her sister.  Her Mom wouldn't spank her, she hadn't been spanked since she was...  Elizabeths mouth suddenly went dry and her eyes went wide.  She was wearing stuff she had worn back when she was 9 or 10, her room was in a similar state, she had been spanked right up to the age of 12 or so.  Suddenly a spanking wasn't quite as absurbed an idea.  She had to apologise right now or she was really going to be sorry.
"Mom i'm sorry.  I was just being silly.  I'm REALLY sorry."
She pulled against her Mom but her Moms grip never faulted.  She pulled Elizabeth up the stairs and into her cutely decorated room.  Stormeded right up to the bed, sat down and pulled Elizabeth across her lap, pulling the back of her skirt up to show her legs and pink panties.
"MOM!  NO  i'm...."  THWACK!  The back of her moms hand came crashing down on the back of Elizabeths exposed thighs.  Elizabeth squealed from the sheer shock and squirmed to get off her moms lap but her mom held her firm and delievered another 9 spanks to the same area of her legs. Making Eizabeth kick and cry and her boobs jiggle with very spank.  By the end of the 10, Elizabeth was howling, tears streamed down her face.
Her mom let her cry for a few minutes then pulled her back up onto her feet. and held her by the shoulders.  Elizabeth looked at her Mom through blurry eyes, feeling like such a child.  She hadn't felt this helpless and childish in years.  When her Mom spoke it was with concern and compassion in her voice.
"Now sweetie.  I only spanked you because I care.  You can't start disobeying me now, otherwise later down the line you'll be doing all sorts of unsavoury things.  When I scold you and tell you to go to bed, you do not back chat me.  Do you understand?"
Elizabeth meekly nodded, feeling foolish and sore.  Her moms face brightened.
"That's my girl, now get into your pyjamas and get to bed, and no smart ass comments this time.  Oh and I love you."  Her mom pulled Elizabeth into a tight hug and Elizabeth suddenly realised this was probably the first time they had really had any kind of physical contact for a number of years.  It seemed that once Jessica had turned up on the scene her Mom had only had enough hugs for one child and Jessica had gotten them all.  Elizabeth realised that she had actually missed getting hugs and she returned the hug fiercely, making her Mom chuckle.
Her mom left her room and still feeling odd Elizabeth stripped and looked at herself in the full length mirror, without her clothes on she looked like any normal 18 year old.  Pert breasts slender legs, hourglass figure,  she swivelled round to see the damage her Mom had done, the tops of her thighs were still red and hovering a hand over the area she could feel the heat still beaming from her.  That had really stung.  She stared at herself for a few moments then looked in the wardrobe for a nightie, as she expected all the pyjamas she had, all had horses on them.  She pulled one on and climbed into bed, subconsciously grabbing her horse toy that she always slept with and snuggled down into the bed. It was still light outside and the curtains didn't do much to help block out the light so she pulled the duvet over her head.  What an odd afternoon.  Perhaps this was all a dream and maybe if she went to sleep she'd wake up and it would all be okay.  With those thoughts in her mind she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Elizabeth woke slowly the next morning, before she had even opened her eyes she recognised that she felt re-energised and well rested.  She opened her eyes and the colour drained from her face.   She sat bolt upright in her bed, which now had a pink princess canopy draped over the top, mottling the rest of the room.  Pushing the netting out of the way she gasped at her room.  Childrens story books replaced the older books that had been on the shelves, the walls had flower appliques all over them, the walls were also bright pink and there were pictures of the disney princesses as well as Barney the dinosaur.  She looked down at herself and saw that the horse pyjamas she had worn were now ones with disney princesses on them.  She shuffled off the bed feeling something odd between her legs, pulling on the elastic of her pyjama trousers she looked down her front and saw, those bedwetting pants little kids wore when they were potty training.  Worst of all they were wet.  She walked closer to the mirror, surprised at what she was wearing.
"MOM!"  Elizabeth yelled in fear.  Her voice was a higher pitch and she grabbed at her throat. Looking in the mirror on the bedside dresser seemed to show that she was still 18.  She still had her boobs, she still had her figure, but why was she dressed like a preschooler?
Her mom bustled into the room looking happy hearing her daughter yell for her.
"Oh you're up already sweetie, good morning."  Her mom walked right up to her and pulled down Elizabeths pyjama bottoms, making her gasp and hop back involuntary, causing her to trip up on the bottoms now round her ankle and to fall backwards back onto her bed.
"Oh Lizzy, looks like you had another accident,  what are we going to do with you, you should be past the bed wetting phase by now, pretty soon even your younger sister will be out of diapers."
"DIAPEES?!  Since wen did Jessica weer diapees"  Elizabeth clasped her hands over her mouth,  her voice had a babyish lisp to it.  It wasn't right, she wasn't a child she started to cry, but her mom mistook it for the fact she had wet her pull-ups.
"Oooh Liz, don't cry really, its okay.  You'll get the hang of it. Not everyone gets potty trained straight away and night time is the most trickiest bit of all Now let's get these off you."
Within a blink of an eye her mom had pulled the pull-ups from her, leaving Elizabeth exposed from the waste down.  She shrieked and covered herself up.
Her mom wasn't listening, she had gone over to the other side of the room and was picking out an outfit for Elizabeth to wear.  She pulled out the same pair of pink overalls Jessica had been wearing yesterday, grabbed a fresh pull-up and walked over to where Elizabeth was still frozen on the bed.
"Can you dress yourself today sweetie?  Prove to Mommy that you're a big girl."
Elizabeth just looked at the outfit with wide eyes
"I'm notta baybee" Elizabeth said angrily
Her moms expression turned to mock seriousness. "Oh I know you're not sweetie, Jess is the baby of the family, how about you prove that to me by getting dressed."
Her mom gave her the outfit and stood back, crossing her arms.
Sliding off the bed Elizabeth looked at the clothes, realising her mom wasn't going to take no for an answer.  She stepped into the pull-ups and pulled them up, thankful that she was at least no longer naked, but feeling her face flush with embarrassment as she caught her reflection in the mirror again, with the Disney princess pyjama top on and now Disney princess pull-ups on her lower half, she looked like a toddler, if it wasn't for her boobs she would look every bit the kid she felt.  She pulled off her top and pulled on the white t-shirt her Mom had given her,  she actually struggled a little with it, unsure why she was struggling with something as simple as putting on a t-shirt, but eventually she pulled it on.  Her Mom clapped.
"Wow!  Who's a big girl!"  Her Mom beamed proudly at Elizabeth and despite the shame she was feeling, Elizabeth grinned.  She then stepped into the overalls and pulled them up, but they wouldn't go on properly and she couldn't figure out what was wrong, she started to get frustrated as she pulled and pulled, eventually causing her mom to step in and help.
"Sweetie you need to unbuckle the fasteners first remember, then you can pull them on."  Her mom spoke gently, coaching her daughter.  Elizabeth nodded feeling ashamed, it was obvious now that her mother had pointed it out.  Her mom finished dressing her and Elizabeth just stood there and let her.  Then her mom brushed her hair and pulled it into two neat bunches.
"There!  Don't you look adorable"  Elizabeth did feel pretty cute and a giggle escaped her.  Her hand snapped up to her mouth again, surprised that she had laughed at her predicament.  Her mom took her by the hand and led her down the stairs.  Elizabeth noticed the pullup between her legs and she felt humiliated that she was wearing them, but she had woken up wet so maybe there was a reason she was wearing them.  Her mom led her into the lounge where much to Elizabeths shock Jessica was sat playing in a large playpen, bashing blocks with a plastic hammer.  She was dressed in only a t-shirt and a rather large disposable diaper, which Elizabeth could tell just from looking was wet, Jessica didn't seem to care though, she was sucking on a pacifier completely engrossed in what she was doing.
"Mom, why is Jess dwessed like a baybee?" She asked timidly, unable to tear her eyes away from Jessica playing.  Her mom simply chuckled.
"Because she IS a baby silly.  Is this going to be another day of strange questions from you?"
Elizabeth shook her head violently side to side, she really didn't want another spanking.  
Suddenly her mom lifted her up into the air and over the side of the playpen popping Elizabeth down into the pen with her now babified sister.  Elizabeth panicked.
"Mommy, mommy i'm notta baybe!!"
Her mom looked puzzled.  "I know you're not sweetie, but you don't normally whine when I put you  in there to play with your sister,  you know she has to be in there to keep her safe.  I thought you just wanted to play together like you usually do."
Elizabeth looked through the bars feeling really degraded, but she then looked at her sister who had looked up at the arrival of Elizabeth and grinned at her.
"P'AY" Jessica yelled happily. grinning from ear to ear.  It took Elizabeth a second to understand what her 9 year old sister meant.
"pway?" She asked confused, feeling embarressed when she realised she couldn't say 'play' properly either.  Elizabeth was rewarded with an enthusiastic nod from Jessica.  Elizabeth shuffled closer to Jess, still unable to tear her eyes away from the outfit Jess wore, it was then that the smell hit her.
"MOMMY MOMMY!!! Jessies smelly"  She said as she held her nose.  She couldn't believe her younger sister had pooped herself.  Her mom came over to the pen and hoisted Jessica out, leaving Elizabeth in there by herself.  Her mom then placed Jessica down on the lounge carpet and began unfastening Jessicas messy nappy right infront of Elizabeth.  Blushing for her sister, who didn't seem to be aware anything abnormal was going on, Elizabeth turned away from the scene and looked around the pen for something to concentrate on.  She picked up one of those chunky cardboard books and began to read it, only to find several of the words she couldn't spell, feeling alarmed but equally accepting this new scenario far too easily she simply looked at the pictures and made up her own story.  She started to rub at her eyes feeling tired already,  Why was she sleeping so much recently, it was as if she was being drained of energy.  She lay on the floor of the pen and closed her eyes, listening to her mom cooing at Jessica and jessica responding in babyish giggles.  This really wasnt right, and why was it always Jessica that seemed to get the attention.  Elizabeth felt herself childishly sulking as her eyelids got heavier and she drifted off to sleep.

She woke up, what felt like moments later alarmed by someone picking her up out of the pen.
"Did wittle lizzy take a nap?  Did she?  Did She?"  Elizabeth rubbed her eyes and looked at her mom who was grinning stupidly at her. "MAwa" Elizabeth said, she stopped and felt confused, her tongue didnt seem to want to cooperate "Ba-Ba-ma-zzz" She said as she blew a raspberry at her mom who continued to hold her and then lay her on the carpet, where moments before she had laid Jessica.
"Is someone a soggy girl?  Dont worry mommy will soon get that all fixed up for you."
Elizabeth couldn't get a handle on what was going on, she knew something wasn't right and she struggled to pull herself into a sitting position, she almost had fully sat up when her mother chuckled and gently pushed her back down again.
"Where you going silly, mommy has to change your diaper"
Diaper?  Elizabeth looked down at herself, past her boobs to see the large pair of clear plastic pants and the sodden toweling underneath.  She was wearing diapers?  She began to cry, loud long wails, she didnt want to wear diapers, she didnt want to be a baby, she wasnt supposed to be a baby, what was going on, how was this all happening?
"Ahhh ma-za" She said with a concerned expression on her face.  Her mom continued to chuckle and tickled Elizabeths tummy which caused elizabeth to stop crying and giggle, kicking her legs out feebly.
"Who's my soggy little girl."  Her mom coo'ed as she stripped Elizabeth from the waist down and cleaned her up, dusting her with talc and pulling an oversized disposable from a stack, her mom expertly fixed Elizabeth into it.  Elizabeth had tried to struggle but she felt so weak and so un-coordinated that her mom didn't even notice that she had been putting up a struggle.  Her mom pulled Elizabeth into a sitting position and surveyed her handiwork.
"There, all done, lets see if you can keep your bum clean for a couple of hours huh, you smelly little thing."  She ruffled Elizabeths hair and Elizabeth simply grinned.  She actually wanted to curl up and die from the sheer embarrassment of the situation, as an 18 year old woman sat in only a disposable diaper in the middle of the lounge it must look completely ridiculous, what would Sarah and Aiden say if they saw her like this.  She began to cry again and her mom looked confused at her.  
"Awww wassa matta lizzy,"  Her mom leant over and stuck an oversized pacifier in her mouth, horrified Elizabeth wanted to spit it out but her infantile instincts kicked in and she quietened down instantly and began to suck on the dummy.  She flopped onto her back and suddenly finding her toes really interesting, began to play with her feet.
"Awww now that is just TOO adorable."  Her mom got up a dissapeared into the kitchen, coming back moments later with a camera and she clicked away as Elizabeth played with her toes, naked except for the bulky nappy she wore between her legs.
"Right, enough of that, lets finish getting you dressed!"  Her mom pulled Elizabeth back into a sitting postion and pulled a onesie over her head, laying her daughter back down again she did the poppers up between Elizabeths legs.  Elizabeth squirmed on the floor, hating the way the onesie pulled the diaper up making the feel of the bulk way more obvious to her than it already had been.  Then her mom put her in a cute little pink and white dress. and little white ankle socks, the dress was actually a little too big for her in width and it hid her boobs quite well, although it was ridiculously short and didn't hide her well padded butt at all.  Elizabeth looked at herself and just stared,  she looked like a baby, she....was a baby.  She sucked on her pacifier feeling confused, a mixture of fear horror, contentment and happiness.  As her adult mind struggled against the babyish feelings that were beginning to form in her head.
"There, arn't you just the most adorable thing in the whole world."  Her mom picked her up and carried her over to the sofa.  Instinctively Elizabeth grabbed onto her mommy as she was carried,  she buried her head into her mommys shoulder, finding dark oblivion and comfort in her mothers embrace.  Sitting on the sofa her mom settled Elizabeth on her lap and began to bounce Elizbeth up and down.  Liz giggled happily at the game, ignoring her boobs as they bounced up and down in the horsey rhythm game.  
"horsie horsie don't you stop, just let your feet go clippity clop, your tail goes swish and the wheels go round....Giddyup we're homeward bound."  Her mommy sang to her.  In some lost memory Elizabeth could have sworn she knew that song, but at the same time the song was completely novel to her.  Just then Jessica walked into the room, she was wearing Elizabeths school uniform, carrying a few thick text books.
"Sorry mom that I don't have time for breakfast, It's my last exam today and I slept in."  Jessica said as she hurried through the room and out towards the hallway and front of the house.
"Alright see you later sweetie,  say goodbye to your big sister, Lizzy"  Her mom said as she grabbed one of Elizabeths hands and made it wave goodbye in Jessicas direction.  Jessica popped her head round the lounge door,
"Oh by the way, do you know where this came from?  I found it in my bag?"  Jessica threw something at her mom and her mom caught it in one swift movement, she opened her hand and looked down at the smiling little sack toy.  
"It's cute but I havent seen it before.  Do you mind if I give it to Lizzy?"  Her mom said as she turned the little toy over in her hands, and waved it at Elizabeth, who let out a squeal of delight.
Jessica shook her head at the question, "No by all means, it does look like a baby toy.  i'm sure she'll enjoy chewing on it, or doing whatever babies do with their stuff, anyway gotta go" Jessica left, and a slam of the front door confirmed she had set off to school.
Elizabeth was stunned, why was Jessica her older sister now?  Jessica had replaced her, she was going to her school sitting her exams while Elizabeth was stuck here wetting her pants and drooling.  Elizabeths mom rocked Liz back and forth on her lap, humming and stroking Elizabeths hair tenderly.  Elizabeth had subconsciously grabbed fistfulls of her moms hair and was snuggling into her moms shoudler, feeling content, but confused.  This felt right and wrong at the same time, she didn't want to be a baby but she was getting so much attention and love that she had craved for so long.  She didn't have the stress of school, she was feeling relaxed but ashamed for she realised she was enjoying being cared for but knew that she was an adult and shouldn't be contemplating these feelings.  She shouldn't be in diapers and being rocked in the lap of her mommy.
She was broken out of her wonderings when Elizabeths mom threw the sack boy toy over into the playpen and then hauled Elizabeth into a standing position.  Elizabeth wobbled, but her legs were strong enough to hold her up.  She could feel that the bulk of the disposable nappy was pushing her legs further apart so she had to stand slightly bow legged.
"Can you walk to the playpen for mommy?  Can you be a big girl."
Elizabeth nodded, she WAS a big girl, she had to find a way of showing her mommy that she didn't need diapers or toys or to be put in the playpen, she looked over at the playpen and saw all the toys and she suddenly really wanted to play.  She took an eager step forward and then another, wavering unstably she tottered across the lounge towards the playpen, then almost came crashing down but her mom was there in an instant holding onto Elizabeths curvy waist, and stabilising her daughter.  For the last few steps her mom held onto her as she made it through the gate of the playpen, feeling exhausted but accomplished.  Her mom clapped enthusiastically at her and Elizabeth found herself copying her mommy as they clapped together celebrating Elizabeths walking success.
"WOW who's a big clever girl.  Arn't you.  You almost made it across the room by yourself You're growing up soo fast, soon you'll be bringing boys home and staying out all night, but for now you get to be my little baby girl.  Yes you do.  Mommy can just eat you all up."  Her mom came into the pen and tickled Elizabeth, causing the teenager to burst into rapturous fits of childish giggling.  Suddenly without warning Elizabeth realised she was flooding her diaper, her crotch felt hot and wet and she looked down at her waist,  seeing Elizabeths attention waver to her diaper, her mom sighed and stuck a finger in the leg elastic of her daughters disposable, feeling it soggy she tutted.
"Oh liz, I only just changed you.  You're going to have to wait a while before I change you again, we cant go through diapers ten to the dozen like that."
Elizabeth squirmed in the wet diaper, feeling ashamed of herself for just letting go like that, she hadn't even realised she had needed to go to the bathroom until she was already going.  She poked at her waist feeling a soggy crinkle underneath.  Her mom closed the playpen gate and disappeared into the kitchen.  Elizabeth sat there for a moment, sucking on her pacifier, then looked over at all the toys.  She crawled over to some blocks and letting her binkie fall out of her mouth she picked up one of the soft blocks and began chewing on it.  A long string of drool dribbled down her front. She was enjoying chewing on the block, but equally she wanted to throw it from the pen, she wanted to vault over the side and run from the house, she needed to find out what was going on.  Then her eyes rested on the little sack boy toy.  The thing Sarah had given her yesterday.  Her eyes widened.  What had she called it?  A happiness doll?  Dropping the block she crawled to the happiness doll and picked it up.  It smiled at her and she smiled back.  Was this wiccan object the source of what was going on.  Elizabeth was happy, whilst she was confused and degraded by what was going on she couldnt deny that a large part of her was enjoying the love and attention, but surly there were other ways of being happy? Finding a boyfriend for example, or coming into lots of money, why had she been turned into a baby?  Absently she stuck the toy in her mouth and began to suck on it.  It tasted like sherbet and she grinned around the doll as she chewed on it.  
She didn't realise but as she sucked on the sweet sherbet tasting doll all her memories were slowly fading out of existence, popping one by one like fuzzy bubbles into nothingness.  It was like having a warm fleecy blanket being wrapped around her thoughts and soon all the doubts, all the problems, all the embarrassing moments and disappointments in her life fluttered away.
Lizzy pulled the doll from her mouth grinning in an overly infantile way,  she liked the way it smiled at her. It made her happy.  Her mommy came back into the room and she waved her arms up at her mommy as she came over to the side of the playpen holding a bottle of juice.
"BABABABABA"  Lizzy squealed excitedly, causing her mom to chuckle and carefully hand her baby girl the bottle she so craved.
"On lizzy, you look so adorable like that, i'm glad I spoke with Sarah,  I must admit I didn't expect the doll to work in such an amazing way.  She told me about the happiness doll she was making for you, I asked her to make one for the whole family.  We've all been stressed and snapping at one another for so long, I just wanted everyone to be happy.  I so did miss having a baby to care for, and you were my first after all.  Jessica is soo happy too, now getting to be the big sister, she'll really love looking after you, she's excelling at school, making something of herself, and get to go back to square one, you never did like school and well...just look at you grinning at me, its the first time i've seen you smile like that in years."
If Elizabeth had had her adult mind in tact she may have been mortified, she may have been crying and kicking and screaming, but instead she simply looked up at her mommy as she suckled on the baby bottle, listening to her mommy talk to her but not really comprehending what she was saying.  She pulled the bottle out of her mouth with a resounding *pop* and grinned up at the woman that was her whole world.  Mommy would keep her safe, Mommy would love her and care for her.  Liz grinned as she returned to nursing on the bottle of juice feeling happy beyond her wildest dreams
This is a story I was asked to write by :iconfoxingtoniii: I found it really tricky in places,
if you dont like mental age regression, or anything that is linked to a adult woman being mentally regressed into infancy then I would advise not reading this.
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It's interesting to see you branching out into other stories aside from The Exchange and, although this one is more traditional, I think you've done a great job of making it original in its own way.

First of all, the idea of the Happiness Doll is very simple and an easy plot device for the reader to understand. It doesn't need any complicated or elaborate explanations. It just works to further the story along as it should. Also, as unusual as it was, I think you came up with an original way of showing regression in the story. You hit the right note to make the story appeal to both fans of regression and fans of adult babies (which I think of as being related but separate), mainly because you kept Elizabeth as an adult for the whole story, with her adult mind for most of it.

The best part of the story were the twists near the end; I have to admit that I was wondering throughout the whole story what would happen to Jessica when Elizabeth became a baby and it was certainly a surprise. The other surprise came from realising that Elizabeth's mother and sister were "in on it". It raises a few questions, though none that I think affect the story one way or the other; why did the Happiness Doll make Jessica a baby before making her grow up to be the big sister? Was that something she agreed to? Did Elizabeth's mom genuinely see her as a baby, maybe as a side-effect of the Happiness Doll, or was she just pretending? It's all left ambiguous, which is fine and it gets the audience thinking.

As for flaws, I think it could use some work in one or two places but there's nothing particularly jarring. Maybe a missing question mark here and there and the word "absurbed". Plot-wise, I think the only thing that I wondered about was what Aiden added to the story. Not that male characters aren't welcome but it seems like it would've worked fine with just Sarah.

Overall, an interesting read. Not exactly my "thing" either but it had moments everyone can enjoy, I think.
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theMrninjaface Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
sampea Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
Interesting. I kinda don't like the idea of loosing memories, though.
clingfilm Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
brilliant story. i enjoy reading all off your stories and can't wait till you post the next one
davismario1977 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
i loved the story
SkirtedandDiapered Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
My TG stories don't have to have physical regression, but they do need mental regression, and I think you understand that aspect quite well. I'm sorry you don't think this is one of your better stories, cause it's a favorite of mine! You get the most important part right, which is the last part. Her dress sounds adorable and I like your focus on the diapers. Please continue writing. :)
OjouTsuki Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012
Where can I find this site? I want a doll that can make me a girl.
DementiasKnight Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'm honestly amazed at how fantastic your work is...I'm not sure why though, you're super duper talented. :D Anyway, great story!
DementiasKnight Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This is like a happy long_rifle story, which is a really really good thing. Keep up the great work. :D
mikey-the-little Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
lol I swear I am not ripping off names for "The Split" from your stories. Aiden (from dis one) and Becky(from "The Exchange") are both used in "The Split".
HelpPlz1996 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
Well, thank you for the mature reaction :3 I'd be happy to do it again.
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ironic huh. I wanna be little, not mature *grins* and feel free to weave your magic on whatever you see fit
HelpPlz1996 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
I shall! Alakazam! *zap* You're now a squirrel!
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yay yay fankyooo
HelpPlz1996 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Hm. Seems like I'm late to this party too >.>

I'm usually intrigued by your age regression stories, TG, but I gotta say that this isn't one of my favorites. First off, I know grammar and punctuation aren't the /most/ important thing in a story, but ithey're key elements. For one thing, near the beginning of the story, you repeatedly and randomly changed the tense you were writing in. Not a big problem, but it just stops the story from flowing like it could have. Another thing, some sentences are missing periods, and instead either have blank spaces or commas. The commas just make the dialogue seem like a group of run on sentences, while the blanks also cut off the flow of the story, like I said before.

Secondly, this story just seems....rushed. You devote only a few paragraphs in the beginning of the story to explain what Liz's home life is like, and her family situation, but in all honestly, there could've been more detail other than one sentence character description. What really bothered me is the lack of transition from receiving the doll and regressing. She goes home, there's no interaction between Liz and her family, goes to sleep and *bam*, she's regressed. I feel that you could've done more to actually show the reader what happened with the doll and all that mumbo jumbo.

One minor side point before moving on: The spanking scene, in my opinion, wasn't necessary. The girl only annoyed her mom a little with her odd questions, and when she asked one more time, she was hit in the backside about twenty times. /Then/, instead of continuing to scold the girl, she just pulls her in for a "kthnxluvu" moment. Normally, that would be a touching scene, but the way you delivered it just wasn't on par.

Next point, the plot itself. So Liz falls asleep and suddenly wakes up in different realities before finally settling on a reality that she both didn't want, yet at the same time desired? If this doll was supposed to bring happiness, then why didn't it just skip to the reality she really wanted? And most importantly, why would her own mother want to have this life altering change happen to her family? If she really wanted her kids to be happy, there were plenty of other ways for her to do that. Maybe, I don't know, treating her daughter a bit nicer instead of picking favorites? The story could've pulled off if it was just the "power of the doll" that made this all happen. The fact that this was all caused by her mother planning something secret with one of her /best friends/, who in no way would agree to put her through something that embarrassing, just throws it all out of proportion.

Overall, I give the story a four out of ten. Yes, it's a regression story. Yes, you're not gonna find the best plot in the world in a story like this. Yes, it's for the enjoyment of the writer as well as the reader, but honestly? When the reader reads the same thing over and over again, they may stick with the writer in hope of reading something enjoyable. But if the author writes something done over and over again and adds twists that /don't/ work? Then the reader gets bored.

I mean no offense to you with this. Just giving my two cents, even if it is a few months late.
Radeonpat Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
I had no problem with the spanking sene
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This probably is indeed the worst story in my repetoire. It was a commissioned story with most of the guidelines written out already for me to follow, so the plot wasnt actually mine, the words however were, and you're right there's no excuse for sloppy punctuation.
HelpPlz1996 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
I can understand that. Sorry if my comment was a little long and unnecessary *sweatdrop* Your stories are fun to break down, so I get a bit carried away sometimes >.>
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no not at all, please dont apologise :) its interesting reading your analysis, and its good to have someone be the voice of reason instead of constantly telling me im great. Its important to have a grounding in reality, and it just makes me more determined to be better next time
VanillaTheWolf Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
Really rweeally good :3 :iconglompplz:
TamaeFTT Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would write a critque but it's so short and there isn't that much wrong with it. It's a cute little story, with a twist ending I didn't really see coming. I can tell though that you apparently had more written before submitting this because there seems to be room for more story and it's just not there, still it flows nicely so it's not bad that whatever was left out was left out.

The only problem I have that only occurred to me after I finished is that the end results don't quite make sense. it's kind of odd that Jessica regressed along with Elizabeth, going from 10 to toddler and toddler to infant, but then when all was said and done she suddenly shot up to being in Elizabeth's old position, also without any mention of weather she looks like a 9 year old still but is in the status of a high school senior, just as Liz is an infant with the body of an adult. I can see the flow in logic somewhat, that the cycle was a circle and Jessica had to go down before she could go up, and the story still works the way it is, but I feel it's a little backward compared to how things ended up. I'd have thought Jessica should have aged upward.

Still it's a good short story and you have officially become my favorite Ab/DL/AR writer. With you writing and Foxington supplying the plots, you two could write novels together XP
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*blushin* yoo humble me, seriously, without some of your tutoring I would still be pretty rubbish. You helped me gain a better understanding of apostrophes and really helped mould me into the writer I am these days. Like you said about Foxy, he comes up with some pretty amazing ideas, I just write them down more elloquently than he is able (although I have no doubt whatsoever that he'd beable to write something very decent himself if he ever so wished to)
This site really helps to batter ideas off of people and to get friendly constructive critisim which can only aid in your developement, so really it is I whole should be praising you, not the other way round.
And thinking about it, perhaps having jessica age up and passing each other midway would have been a much cleverer way of doing the story. Ah well, we see these things on hindsight I guess.
Ageknight Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Student Digital Artist
well that was amazing. i didnt expect anything less from you. and btw, i definatly recognised : "horsie horsie don't you stop, just let your feet go clippity clop, your tail goes swish and the wheels go round....Giddyup we're homeward bound." . Sweet sweet memories
ToddlerNaruto Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
Very good story, have you written one like this but there's physical age regression too?
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
not yet. I have a few stories where they physically regress too, but this isnt one of them
tea78iscool Featured By Owner Edited Apr 2, 2015
..I dont like barney the dinosaur XD....
ToddlerNaruto Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011
Yeah, I know this is mental regression only, was just curious :D.
pacificthehedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
amazng story though the moms explenation didnt fit and i like how you just randomly add aiden he had ptetial but wasnt neccisary that was really good.
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aiden was supposed to play a bigger part. I had great expectations of him but then that part never actually got written so yeah he became rather redundant as a result. Thankyoo for the compliments though. im glad you enjoyed the story
pacificthehedgehog Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
your more then welcome it was a gat story
ShaD-23 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I really hate to comment again, but this is my favorite of your stories.
PrincessKooh Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Eh not really my thing but good work and a great read :-)
long-rifle Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
Great work! I'm glad I passed on this one and got to read it fresh!

Brilliant work! Great writing! And wonderful pacing.

Shit. I'm going to have to step up my game if you keep writing stuff like this!

toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icontinoplz: Thank you. It was foxingtonIII idea I just sorta wrote it so cant take all the credit, but really thankyoo anyway :hug:
FoxingtonIII Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
I may have had the idea, but you made it come to life, so you deserve the most credit.
animated-dragon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Student General Artist
amazing story :) very well written :dalove:
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fankyoo :hug: :hug:
animated-dragon Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Student General Artist
sure thing :)
FoxingtonIII Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
This is fantastic. I can't thank you enough for working on this for me. You said this was out of your "comfort zone", but in my opinion, you hit the nail right on the head!
GunoSaguki Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
very interesting. The only thing i found a little out of place was the explaination from the mom at the end. Just me though
theMrninjaface Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
Nope i thought the same thing.
growyoung Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
Not your usual, but good. Not really my thing either.
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I must admit it was interesting writing outside of my comfort zone, I learnt qute a bit about how I write in doing this.
SashaNekosune Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010
Wonderful story.
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankyoo, i'm glad you enjoyed it.
ShaD-23 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
... Wow... I just finished it, and it reminds me of the kind of stories :iconadultbabydiapergal: writes. The ending was quite unexpected, but I enjoyed it all in all.
toddlergirl Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh I didnt know she wrote stories, I knew she did artwork, but stories too thats pretty good going huh. I think I may return to this story ad add bits here and there, theres parts of this story I'm not actually that happy with how i did.
ShaD-23 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I think you should be proud of this story. As for Christi, she writes stories in the artist's comments. They're actually quite good. This one is one of my favorites >> [link]
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